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"The transformation has been nothing short of magical."

—Courtenay, Client Feb. 2020

A transformative garden is so much more than a decorated yard.

It is a cohesive space that blends seamlessly with the architecture of the home. It tells the unique story of the land and of those who live there. It contains a spark of magic that beckons people to connect to it, explore and experience it. Such a space is authentic in its artistry by being so much more than the sum of its parts. It is a serene, nurturing place for life to happen. Building these gardens is our craft and our passion.

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After moving from my home and garden of 20 years, I knew the first thing I wanted to do was create a garden at my new house that would look amazing right away. I found Jay on HOUZZ and liked the look of his other designs. We started talking in September 2020 about what I wanted in my space. Jay took it from there! He came up with a beautiful, detailed design and started work in May. His hard-working crew showed up on time every single day. They never stopped moving, in fact I'm not even sure they took a lunch break. It was 90 plus degrees and brutal work, but they were always willing to talk to me about what they were doing out there, and educate me about the plants. I learned so muc...

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