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An Immersive Garden

This colorful, very contemporary, immersive garden was installed because the city tore up the yard to install a neighborhood storm drain. It was the perfect opportunity to do something very different in this traditional neighborhood.

The front yard became a contemporary pollinator garden. From the spheres to the triptych of columnar junipers, his space explores the concept of rhythm and movement and their effect upon the human brain.

The back garden is built around a serpentine blue slag glass rill that terminates in a pondless water feature. A stepping stone foot path runs alongside the rill, briefly crossing over it before it leads to a small seating area at the top of the garden. The rill is cut into the new bluestone patio in a crisp, contemporary way. Curved masses of plants keep the eye low and moving around the space, creating a pattern that distracts the eye from the neighboring homes.

Front yard, before