Villa Heights Immersive Garden
This project was crafted for a young couple in a vibrant area of town. The house is an infill home, very contemporary, very boxy and rectilinear. For the back garden, my inspiration began with the sculptural stand of trees and the accompanying slightly sloped terrain. The gentle slope made me feel cozy and secure, rather like a child being rocked to sleep. This elicited some happy childhood memories. As a result, I developed long lines of plants that reminded me of stretched saltwater taffy. The sculptural lines of the tree trunks were emphasized by surrounding them with gravel. By doing this, they take on a look of choreographed giants. I switched my art selection to these stone spheres, as they remind me of a marble game played by giants. Because this garden sparks my imagination so strongly and elicits strong feelings of security and childhood, it is destined to remain one of my all-time favorites.