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Asian Inspired Woodland Garden

The idea to create an Asian-inspired garden in this wooded back yard began by taking note of the clean roof lines on the ranch-style home. The garden needed an entrance, a destination, a story and a purpose. The clients originally contacted me out of their desire to add a dry creek bed to aid in water run-off. We needed a bridge over the creek bed in order to access the back yard. I designed a contemporary version of a traditional yatsuhashi, or Japanese zig zag, bridge, visualizing a granite mountain plateau with a peak

breaking through. The clients purchased the concrete Japanese lantern which complements the bridge perfectly. Together, these two installations set the tone for the garden.

My desire was to tell a story and to create a sense of journey through the space. Once the visitor crosses the bridge, he wanders down a meandering serpentine gravel walkway with boulders cut into the metal edging, signifying man's desire to subdue nature but, in the process, nature makes a reappearance. After a short journey through the woodland garden, which is planted with over 150 ferns, rhododendron, dwarf hemlocks and Japanese maples, the visitor reaches a destination point: a rectangular gravel seating area enclosed by a backer board clad knee wall. Bamboo, mimicked by a vertical rebar installation, is contained in a backer board planter in this area. We finished off this area by creating an adjoining series of backer board clad planters, planted somewhat more formally in a grid pattern, and continued the backer board up the corner of the rear fence, again to bring horizontal continuity from the front to back corner of this rectangular garden space.

Asian Inspired Woodland Garden