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A Garden That Celebrates Light

This garden, part of my personal space, developed in my mind over a period of three years. It is a sculpture garden that sits in the forest. It is a meditation garden with its circular minimalistic seating-for-one area off axis at the end of the path. But it also is a garden that celebrates light. The shafts of sunlight that pierce the forest canopy and display ever-changing patterns on the forest floor are art in themselves. Strips and puddles of chartreuse foliage mimic and draw attention to that light. Vertical and narrow conifers act as sentries, standing guard over the garden, casting north-facing shadows that are created out of mondo. Stone walls and boulders form the structure, while round-clipped boxwood intermingle with stone spheres, transversing the axis as they appear to roll down the hill. The original idea was to create a garden that was meant to be viewed from the windows of the home rather than to be walked through. It has evolved into so much more.

Morning light.